Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 3 of the TOTC (pt.1)

I woke up on this Saturday morning(7/11/09) with a great big smile on my face and happily anxious to experience another day of the Tales! Me and Adriana walked down to our Hotel's lounge for coffee and a light bite and then we was off to experience the people of NoLa in the French Quarters for a little shopping.

Next, we attended the Xante/Cherry Herring tasting party located at the Hotel Monteleone. This was a great event, because the bartenders crafted some amazing LIBATIONS! Xante introduced their new coffee liquor brand and it was very flavorful. I would pour an ounce of that in my morning Colombian joe any day.

Among all of the lovely LIBATIONS, such as their versions of the Singapore Sling, the Blood and Sand, I loved the Xante ginger martini! It was mouth watering delicious! As a big fan of ginger, Xante executed this recipe properly. well done Xante.

Round 2: the Double Cross tasting party at the Hotel Monteleone. Double cross is a 7 timed distilled Slovak vodka, which was the spirit used in the featured Bloody Mary LIBATION. Esteban Ordonez was the mixologist in charge of creating the best Bloody Mary I ever had in my life! The preparation for the mix took him 2 days to create, which included peeling off the skin of the tomatoes with a fish knife. The LIBATION had a light red color and spiced to perfection. The garnish was a "smokra"(smoked okra), which was a local NOLA product.

During the tasting, Double Cross had a complimentary massage service to all of the lucky attendees. Can you think of what could be better than experiencing the best version of a great classic cocktail while having the knots in your back released?

The pool party, and yes it was at the Monteleone. It was quit the gathering of friends. The pool water temp was perfect, the splashes, the flix, the pix, and everything else was legendary! I will keep these thoughts/comments to myself and for the memoir I'm writting.......... be continued

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