Thursday, July 30, 2009

Delaware Phoenix Absinthe Tasting

It was July 21, 2009, and I attended my first absinthe tasting at the Richardson bar (Brooklyn,NY=Greenpoint). Previously, I knew 3 things about this lovely spirit.

1. It's a distilled spirit and it's very alcoholic.
2. It's nickname is the "green fairy", because of it's color I assume.
3.It's made from herbs, primarily Anise and Wormwood.

Cheryl Lim(the master distiller) educated us on how the distillation process is executed, the history of Absinthe, and she gave a visual display of the ingredients used in creating this wonderful potion. I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson she taught and sipping on her 2 products that she produces.

The Delaware Phoenix distillery is located upstate NY, where she owns and operates all by herself! I think it is probably the smallest distillery in the USA, but produces a great product, such as Walton Waters and Meadow of Love. The Meadow of Love is my favorite, because it is floral and soft on the nose.

In a LIBATION, Cheryl recommends 20 milliliters of Absinthe and 80 milliliters of water, since the strength of the spirit is about 60%! Also, I would put that measurement in a shaker full of ice along with a sugar cube or two and shake vigorously. Next, pour into a martini glass and garnish with a lemon twist or maybe nothing at all.

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