Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Day 3 TOTC (pt.2)

As we returned to the hotel and prepared for the BIG night ahead, Don Q had there tasting party 2 floors above us! All I had to say is that it involved a nitrogen tank and plenty of Puerto Rican rum......

The all star mixologist: Esteban Ordonez whipped up a succulent frozen rum punch LIBATION by mixing all of the in ingredients into a large mixing bowl and then spraying it down with nitrogen. Yes, nitrogen folks! At that point, the libation was frozen and ready to apply my taste buds around that glass. It was extremely delicious and I thank the Don Q co. and Esteban for putting together such a great demonstration.

The spirited awards(our oscars), was filled with great energy and excitement! Upon entry, the dinner set up was buffet style with a great deal of delectable meats, veggies, pastries, and LIBATIONS. My favorite selection was the lamb chops that felled off the bone. As everyone began to seat themselves into the ceremony area, I absolutely loved the flower centerpieces filled with mini Jameson, Glenlivet, and Plymouth bottles inside of the glass vases(I think everyone had an eye on those bottles).

Here are the winners :

Best bar: Pegu, NYC

Best hotel bar: Merchants, Ireland

Best cocktail writting: David Wondrich,NYC

Best new product: Bols Genever____Congrats Bols, because I thought Angustura was a shoe in!

Best brand ambassador: Simon Ford,NYC

Best drink selection: Merchants, Ireland

Best bartender: James Meehan,NYC

Best new cocktail book: Dale DeGroff, NYC

World's best new cocktail bar: Clover Club, Brooklyn, NY____I can't even express to you how appreciative and wild the audience stood up in excitement for this bar.......

Best world cocktail bar: PDT,NYC

Helen David lifetime award: Peter Dorelli

Off to the bartender breakfast: As everyone exited the awards, the NoLa jazz band greeted us and escorted the attendees to the breakfast. It was great music, people sipping on those mini bottles from the centerpiece's and the police on motorcycles blocking off streets for our entourage to walk to the breakfast safely! How cool is that?

The breakfast: At this point, everyone was having such a great time! It was a live jazz band, drinks flowing, dancing, and everything else! I had a frickin blast!

As the night ended, It was time for me to get back to the hotel and get ready for the 7am flight back to NYC.

In conclusion, going to the TOTC for the first time was an unbelievable experience! I met so many wonderful people in the industry. I've learned about some amazing cocktails, watched the mixologists at their best, and tasted some of the best cocktails ever! I LOVE NOLA AND TOTC!!!

**I would like to thank Bar and Books, NYC for sending me to the TOTC. I'll never forget it!

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