Sunday, August 9, 2009

Low activity!

Just an update to everyone....Carmen Operetta has been extremely busy with production and gearing up for the Scotland/England trip. There is alot of blogging to do, but it has been post poned until the appropriate time is issued! It's been a few weeks since the last blog, but the next dozen will be amazing and then the tale end will be the beautiful result of the pilot show, which is being shopped to 2 major networks along with a major marketing corporation.

I'm glad your here along for the ride, because after all it is Libation Diaries....! This is how everything proceeds quickly in the very beginning and then comes to a halt. Next, you start right back up as If your on a rollercoaster ride and then ....what happens next? It's up to your next move.........

Thank you for your support,
Planet Operetta Productions LTD.


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  2. Susana,

    Thank you for the pleasant comment. I appreciate that you have book marked my page. Currently, I am back from the Uk and I'm begining to barrel out loads of information about my recent tasting events and travel diaries.I hope that you find them interesting and educational.

    Warm regards,
    Carmen Operetta