Friday, August 28, 2009

Scotland: Day 1= Getting to the airport(EWI) Part 1

In my diaries, I will give you the complete and necessary guide in my world travels. I will explain everything from the cost of transportation/food, what to expect in etiquette and the culture's of the people. Consider this your diary passport through my eyes.

August 18, 2009,

Earlier in the day, I was in a daze as I was running around getting all of the last minutes items I forgot about as I was packing the night before in a frenzy! Also, I was emailing and on the phone with the distilleries all morning, scheduling and organizing my every need for the tours and transportation. I had butterflies in my belly and I felt a bit nervous about this here UK trip.

Continental airlines flys to Scotland non stop on a regular basis out of EWI that offers affordable prices. However, I'd booked my ticket through CheapAir and paid $651.00, which is a very good price. The fares varies from $550-800.00 for the coach class. I suggest you to book the fare at least 3 months prior for the best rates. Buying business or 1st class isn't necessary, because Continental has a decent size 757 with comfortable seats. As a 5'11foot woman, requesting the emergency exit row or the aisle seat if sufficient, but if you want to see the gorgeous views of Ireland/Scotland as the flight is nearing over to Edinburgh with all of the lush vegetation to wow over, then book a window seat and bring your binoculars! It's an amazing view to see.

My flight was scheduled to depart at 6:50 pm, therefore I had to be there 2 hours ahead, which I now know that you should get there 3 hours earlier, because the international check in for luggage takes very long! You can expect to wait at least 30 mins If your lucky, however my wait was 45-55mins! I had to find an agent controlling the line to get me checked in asap, because you have to have your luggage checked a hour before departure. Let me remind you that I arrived EWI at 5pm and the shuttle train from the NJ transit($15 from Penn Station- about 30min ride) will take you @10-15 minutes to get to the luggage area (walking and travel time included). So after waiting 30 mins(being5:45) I knew I had to do something fast!

I then found and then explained my situation to the agent. She rushed me to the front and had my suitcase checked in a nick of time!

On board, as I approached my seat, I was on the phone with AT&T attempting to get my cell adaptable for the UK, because they failed to tell me that it previously when I called earlier for the international rates/info. and I had no idea about that until my friend Ben called me as I was waiting at the gate and informed/warned me that it wouldn't be compatible with the networks unless I change it over. AT&T then gave me a hard time, because I didn't have my account number and therefore I was without coverage for the time being! I had to wait until I got to one of the Glasgow's communications shop to convert! Shame on you AT&T!!!!

It was then time to depart and the flight attendant asked me to get off the phone. As I was turning off my Black Berry, these annoying women sitting behind (a rude Jersey woman)me and next to me (psychotic British woman)started complaining to the flight attendant about me being on the phone talking the entire time(even though I had a right to talk before take off)! At that point, I had a shouting session with the both of them who teamed up on me! They wasn't ready for this libation girl from DETROIT! I put them in their place and shut them up like 2 dysfunctional kids arguing over candy!

to be continued................



  1. lol Carmen i love this diary but that part about the libation girl for Detroit is hilarious lmbo

  2. THanx my dear! I'm editing the remaining days in the UK now with my asst. and it will be published within the next 2-3 days.

    Stay tuned,