Friday, October 23, 2009

Back in NYC Part 3, my wrap up.

I get home back to this great, "glad to be back in the city feeling", but still missing the UK! I then started to unpack, relax, then I also knew there are two parties to attend tonight. The Nervino and the Simon Ford (end of the Summer party). Since Nervino party had a small window of time for me to possibly attend, I decided to skip that unfortunately, and attend the Simon Ford party. I know I know, I got back from a 7 hour flight, and I should relax, but I knew this was going to be a great event, but my inner clock was still awake. When I got there, it was 10PM, but I was in 5PM UK time, so I was rockin and rolling.

At the party, there was a rooftop and lower level. It was a buffet of great food and a grill to cook your own burgers and hotdogs, punch everywhere, endorsed by Absolut, and cocktails were being shaken up downstairs. Also, they had the Martinez brothers rolling cigars, and a hot tub to splish and splash around. It was a great party, I enjoyed it throughly, but the night wasn't over. Around midnight, we walked to the Randolph or as I call it, the "Debauchery Den." There we had a great time, a lot of craziness was going on in a great way. Finally, my US clock started kicking in, and I got exhausted, I had to end this beautiful day coming from the UK in a lovely way. Kind of funny how I was in three countries in one day, London 7AM, Scotland 9AM, and New York at... whatever time I got here.

I have just experienced a trip that I have long awaited for in my life. Every moment I captured, I cherished, I loved. I came back to NY thinking about how painfully nice the Brits and the Scots are, due to the fact that I blended in the crowd, assimilated into the culture, and was treated so well, the women, the men, the children, were such a delight to be around. I know it sounds cheesy, but it is so true... they are genuine, and I will never forget them, they were that impressionable.

Scotland has this vast and lush vegetation of beautiful hills, sheep's, cows, and horses in abundance. Beautiful land in rain or shine, you could still feel the warmth in a cold breezy night. In London, oh London... the gentlemen.... oh London. I could say so much here, but I'll leave it at that. I have to say that the Duke Bar, traveling through West Minster, the Great Hyde Park, and Trafagalar Square was what I expected and more. I loved London. I loved Scotland. I felt like I was at home.

Nightcap: For the first time in my life after leaving my hometown, I felt like I could actually live somewhere outside of NYC..............I gotta get back soon.

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