Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don Roberto US Launch 10-13-09

Don Roberto Orendain was a founding father of the tequila industry. He founded his first distillery in 1924, and in 1995, Don Roberto Jr. and his sons opened La Purisma, the largest most state of the art distillery in the region, and the launch of Don Roberto Tequila. La Purisma produces 140,000 litre/110 proof per day of the finest tequila. The Orendain family owns 2,500 acres of blue agave planted in the volcanic soil of the region. The family presses the juice of the pina, and it's distilled through a proprietary process after being placed into fermentation tanks. Now you know the background of the Don Roberto Tequila family, now it is time for the presentation by Junior Merino (The Liquid Chef-of the Liquid Lab).

As Junior started speaking about the brand and giving us history of the family, the appetizers came out in an efficient manner all throughout the tasting and the presentation. First up was the Plata (Silver) the Volcanic grounds makes this version spicy, and will give off cinnamon and oregano on the nose, and tastes like pineapples in my opinion. Next is the reposado (rested) which is from 100% blue agave, aged six months in white barrels. On the nose, it has vanilla, orange peel, and pumpkin. Next is the anejo (aged or vintage.) This version is my favorite of all the Don Roberto. It has a buttery yellow color, a lot of earthiness to it, peanut, pepper, leathery wood, citrus, and cocoa. This is a very complex tequila, very versatile, you can create a lot of cocktails, and I recommend it if you are searching for a new anejo.

While Junior was giving the presentation, 3 different cocktails from the versions were being given out with each portion of the presentation. For the plata, they served us a yummy Guadalajara Silver, then the Don Roberto Refresher, and the tasty Charrita Margarita with 1 1/2 oz Don Roberto Tequila Anejo, 1/2 oz agave nectar, 3/4 oz orange liqueur (I would suggest Combier) 1 1/4 oz fresh lime juice, and 1/2 oz of water. Fill the shaker with ice, and shake vigorously with 40 seconds, rim the glass with salt, then pour into the margarita glass, and garnish with an orange, or lime wheel. This is simple, but elegant and absolutely a classic Mexican margarita.

Night Cap:

After the tasting was over, my night wasn't done. There was more celebration to do, which will be continued on the next blog. But I have to thank Heidi and Junior Merino,the Rayhuel Restaurant and staff for hosting such an educational tasting for Don Roberto.

Great job,

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