Tuesday, November 24, 2009

USBGNY Mixer at Ideya 11-16-09

Location: Ideya restaurant 349 West Broadway, NYC

Another great day in the city, and It was time to get to the Nov. mixer! Instead of Jon Pogash, president(away on business)holding the meeting, we had Allen Katz, vice president there to talk to the group about "Ethics in the Industry" and to inform us on the upcoming events. While Allen was talking Ideya had the most scrumptious appetizers flowing non-stop!

Next, we had the Rhum Clement presentation. Basically Rhum Clement is on an educational tour and enlightening everyone on the brands and how we can use the rum in new and old cocktails, which are:

Rhum Clément Premiere Canne 750ml.
Rhum Clément Premiere Canne 1 liter
Rhum Clément V.S.O.P. Rum 750ml.
Rhum Clément Creole Shrubb 750ml.
Rhum Clément Founder’s Cuvée: Homère Clément 750ml.
Rhum Clément X.O. Rum 750ml.

I like the Creole Shrubb and the X.O. the best! The X.O. is excellent for sipping. I like it neat at room temp and the Shrubb is great in an "Old Fashioned".

After the mixer, me and some of my hysterical friends walked down the street to Lusso, located at 331 West Broadway(Corner of Grand)NYC. I didn't get a chance to eat, but I had a few good lagers while hanging out with my ridiculous friends!

Next, I headed to my friend Abigail's play, "Flanagan's Wake". I was a little late, but I still got the meat of the play. Abi did a wonderful job along with her team. Check out my blog coming up next(I believe).

Lastly, me, Abigail, and some new friends we met after the play cabbed it over to the RYE house launch party. The couple that we met was in town from Ireland performing a play of their own and when we took them to the house, they had a total blast!

The cocktails at the RYE was on point and a lot of us was there from the mixer earlier. At that time, we was all in a great "happy place"!

Night Cap:

Rhum Clement, great lagers, funny Irish play, and awesome rye cocktails. Yup another hard day at the office folks!


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