Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The USBGNY Mixer at Pranna 10-26-09

It was that time again - the monthly mixer for the USBGNY Chapter, and this time it was being held at Pranna, at 79 Madison Avenue, NYC. Jonathan Pogash had invited 2 special guests for the mixer. First up was Robin Robinson from Compass Box, and as you know if you've been reading my previous blogs, I've been seeing a lot of Robin lately, as Compass Box is on a huge educational tour across the United States, and since it's such a beautiful blended whiskey brand, me and him seem to stay in the same circle, twirling around at the same events.
Robin conducted a similar presentation as I have seen at the other two events, but it was still exciting and entertaining, which he revved the crowd out for the next guest speaker who was Brian van Flandern (BVF). BVF bartended for 18 years in NYC and was the head mixologist for Per Se, which was his most recent bartending job until he established the Creative Cocktail Consultants, a consulting firm that he created in organizing edgy cocktail lists and training talented bartenders in the art of mixology.

BVF has been featured/mentioned in The Wall Street Journal, Food Arts Magazine, New York Magazine, The Washington Post, Gourmet Magazine, and The New York Times. His accomplishments/accolades first was from Cheers Magazine, he was listed as Americas Top Shelf Bartender. He was second place in the 2006 BOLLS 200 MASTERS INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. He ranked #2 in the National Sherry Cocktail Competition in 2006, he ranked #1 in the USBG Iron Bar Chef Competition in 2007, he was amongst the top 10 bartenders in the world by Tanqueray in 2008.

He was ranked one of the Top Ten Hotel Bartenders in the World by Travel and Leisure Magazine in 2008, he became the Global Ambassador for Don Julio (Tequila) in 2008, and then he wrote his first book this year, Vintage Cocktails, which is why he was at the mixer promoting his book, and giving great insiders information about networking and possibly creating and publishing your own book.

After he was finished speaking to the crowd, I walked over to him to speak to him about my goals, and he gave great information and tips about what he has already spoken about to the crowd, and I appreciated and paid close attention to every word that he spoke to me. BVF, from the brief moments that I encountered and had the opportunity to speak to, is a very very young and talented man with a great personality, and is very laid back and personable, which I could see that he would be a joy to work for and/or with.

Day Cap:

It was a great day out in the city. I had a great meet up with the USBGNY group. I went downstairs to the bar and had a lager with my C.O.O. and mentor and then went home.

Until next time.....
Slaandjivaa !

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