Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Whiskey on the Hudson

Good day to all, this is one of the best events in New York City for whiskey lovers like myself. I woke up this day with a smile on my face, ready to learn and pour some whiskey, as well as receive. I met Adriana Daci, Ben Scorah, and Jake Sher at Hudson Bar and Books. We loaded up the company truck, and headed over to the Chelsea Piers.

The Whiskey on the Hudson is an annual event that has all of the great whisky and Bourbon brands that novices can purchase a ticket for and sample from all of the great brands there that you might have already known, and some you haven't heard of at all. There were three levels on the boat. At the bottom was the buffet, dining, and bar. On the main floor was the majority of the Scottish whiskeys, including Hudson Bar and Books (a smoking and whiskey lounge with 3 locations in the city-Lexington Bar and Books located on 73rd and Lex, Beekman Bar and Books 50th and 1st). We organized our bar with the Glenmorangie/Ardbeg wing where Dr. Bill Lumsden conducted a tasting seminar for the novices. where they learn a whole lot about the brand history.

Bar and Books created the classic Blood and Sand cocktail made with Cherry Herring, orange juice, sweet vermouth, and Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban. It was a hit! Between our blood and sand, the Glenmorangie Ardbeg samples, the guests had such a wonderful time. In addition to the blood and sand cocktail, we also brought in the house hand cigar rollers, by the Martinez brothers, who gave out free Coronas and Torpedo's. Everyone took the cigars outside, and watched the beautiful view of the city as we drifted along the Hudson.

At this point, I took a break, and went to the two levels of whiskies. I recognized many of my friends and their brands, talking to them, joking around, having a good time. And then, meeting new people, new whiskies, that I haven't had before. I went downstairs, had dinner, the food was great, I came back upstairs, they were having a raffle giveaway. The guests who won were so excited, so happy, it was a great feeling all around. I went back to our wing, finished the night off, and enjoyed my Whiskey Day on the Hudson.

Night Cap:

After we unloaded the items back at the Hudson location, we drove over to the Beekman Bar and Books, where the after party was held, stayed for a bit, and had great cocktails. Then a few friends and I went to the Indochine's 25th celebration party, where I earned my bartending stripes back when I use to bartend. The party was great, I mingled with my old friends/ employees from the restaurant, then I went home and went to bed, so happy, a little tired, but satisfied with how the day went.


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