Sunday, June 13, 2010

Carmen Operetta's moratorium is over folks!

Ok, Let me be honest. It's been 4 months since I've posted a blog that wasn't a media release for the industry. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that and I'll continue to post them as I see fit to my blogs interest. Let me be clear, and state that writing takes a lot of time and effort for me, due to the fact that I'm not the best typist, nor a journalist, or an editor. I don't aim to be one of them, but I do enjoy posting my experiences as I make my way through this industry.

It all started a little over one year ago from this month. I've established my production company, I've created and copy written my 1st of 5 TV shows for the spirits industry, I've networked immensely with my now constitutes(in such a short amount of time), put together a small production team, traveled to various international distilleries, and now I'm in the last leg of my initial race!

The past 4 months has been a roller coaster ride that was enjoyable, but also made me develop into a stronger business woman. I've gain additional courage, strength and matured considerably along the way. I would like to call that quarter period of this year, "my growing pains".

I would like to announce that I'm beginning private speech presentation classes, finishing my web page and trademark logo(I'll keep you posted on that). Lastly, I'm attempting to complete this arduous task of a business plan. It's a lot of work and has kept me from beginning several projects that I can't wait to start!

Also, I thank you for your patience and I really do appreciate everyone from the PR firms, marketing companies, and fellow blogger's who has continued to support me and invite me to events as media, even though I wasn't projecting much.

To everyone who has checked in on my page to see what's the happenings on Miss Carmen Operetta, thank you. At last, I would like to thank the readers who has met me out and about at events or elsewhere and told me that you support me and you can't wait until my blog gets back up and running with my antics/capers to report!

Well wait no longer folks, I'm back and stay tuned!

Carmen O.

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