Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Breslin and the Summit Bar

Location #1: 133 Avenue C, The Summit Bar, NYC

Location #2: 16 west 29th street, The Breslin, NYC

Date: 1/12/10

After a long hard day of imbibing and learning at the Benedictine mixer and then attending the Macallan tasting, me and the cocktail posse walked around the corner to the Summit bar (top photo) for a few libations. I had the Estrella Damm Lager and the Black Bottle whisky to please my thirst. The Summit Bar is a beautiful addition to the East Village and offers a great atmosphere along with a dynamic cocktail menu. Between Louis 649 and The Summit, the E.V. is experiencing the return of the cocktail experience!

After we caught up with the rest of our friends, we made our way to the Breslin. I was very pleased when I walked inside this delightful bar and dining room. The atmosphere correlated with the antique oak designed bars, classic moldings, and tiled flooring.

What else is great about this place? The cask-conditioned ale's, the simple but delicious gin and tonic menu, and the super creative cocktail list designed by Aisha Sharpe from Contemporary Cocktails.

Aisha balanced out the spirits with house made syrups, fresh juices(made daily),bitters, and assorted liqueurs. I highly suggest that you make your way over to this beauteous Brittish bar and dining room.

Night Cap:

Needless to say that I was ready for some shut eye at this point. I went home happy with my little ole taste buds satisfied.


Photo Credits: The Summit Bar and The Breslin

Info about Aisha Sharpe and Contemporary Cocktails:


Macallan's Cool Ice Ball

Location: Louis 649, 649 east 9th street, NYC

Date: 1/12/10

Event: Macallan Tasting

Me and my cocktail posse arrived to Louis and entered in a packed house! I know Louis is a great cocktail bar, but I've never seen it so full! They even had one of the owners maintaining the door and not letting people in, due to the full capacity. It was obvious that New Yorker's loves Macallan.

This Libation Girl knew her fair share of the brand and enjoyed the tastings from 12-18 years, but I was loving the copper ice ball maker! This maker creates ice balls for your whisky, which fits in most standard rock glasses. The spherical shape of the ice ball helps slows down the melting process, due to the body heat it receives from your hands.

There was only one thing that I was un-happy to learn about this clever copper creation. It won't be available for the public until a few years, but the people at the Japan Trend Shop has created a replica for $185 USD(see link below). I think this is well worth it for you master molecular mixologist.

Night Cap:

It was a great day/night. I met some new and exciting people. I had great libations, and experience a cool new device for the cocktail world.


Ice Ball Maker info:


Photo Credits: Lush Life Productions

*minus the pix with the ice ball in the presenter hand*