Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meet the Creator – Davinia Vitrac

It is fair to state that Davinia is better known for her nose than she presently is for her dressing gowns, however all that is about to change! Having graduated from University with an honors Degree in Marketing, Davinia went on to pursue a successful 8 year career in the luxury spirits
industry working for one of the biggest single malt whisky brands in the world, Glenmorangie.

Glenmorangie is owned by LVMH, the global leader in luxury goods. During her time with Glenmoangie, Davinia gained international experience in the sales, marketing and promotion of consumer goods and fulfilled various roles from Sales Management based in London, Marketing and Promotions in Chicago and later Brand Management in New York.

In more recent times Davinia has been part of the Whisky Creation Team at the Edinburgh Head Office and has been involved in new Product Development and whisky creation. On 22nd August 2007 Davinia was getting married and with the entire wedding planned and prepared by the close of June she turned her attention to the honeymoon. There was in fact, very little for her to do in this department for the simple reason that her charming and handsome betrothed had planned, booked and paid for the entire two weeks! In fact all she needed to do was to decide what to pack!

With romantic notions in her head of breakfasts on the veranda of the honeymoon suite, Davinia set off in search of the perfect dressing gown that would suitably match such a grandiose occasion. Having trawled the internet, high street stores and boutiques of Edinburgh, London, Paris and New York Davinia finally came to the realisation that no such garment existed; there was nothing else for it but to make her own!

From a young age dressmaking was always a passion and favourite pursuit of Davinia. After designing and creating her honeymoon dressing gown Davinia was swamped with requests from close friends and relatives all wanting a similar gown of their own. After identifying a real need existed for glamorous, floor length dressing gowns, Davinia took the decision to leave her Brand Management rôle in the world of luxury spirits and so in 2008 founded with one single mission: to bring the ‘essence of femininity’ back into the world of dressing gowns! is a brand new online boutique that opened its virtual doors on 13th September 2010. design, manufacture and retail glamorous, floor length, figure hugging dressing gowns. Registered under the Davinia trademark, the dressing gowns are sold direct to the public through the online boutique. Taking inspiration from the screen sirens of yesteryear, aims to revolutionise the world of loungewear.

The new line of dressing gowns are made exclusively for and are designed by Davinia. Davinia takes her inspiration from the feminine elegance of the 1950s twinned with the colour and vibrancy of the 60s and 70s. This unique fusion results in truly individual pieces that combine effortless glamour with practical comfort. The dressing gowns will be available to purchase at a price of £75 (pounds sterling). The gowns are presented in a selection of vibrant prints on rich satin/polyester mix fabrics, which can be machine-washed using a cool gentle cycle. will offer free shipping within the United

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Brasilian Independance Day Celebration!

Did you know that the Brazilian Declaration of Independence is all because a devoted wife sent a note to her royal husband warning him of Portugal’s intent to usurp his diminishing power? Prince Pedro received the note from Princess Leopoldina of Habsburg on September 7, 1822. This information was enough for him to turn to his companions, unsheathe his sword and declare, “Independence or death!” Prince Pedro’s stand was full of passion, patriotism and confidence and at that moment ended 322 years of Portugal’s colonial dominance over Brazil.

Recognized in Brazil as “Sete de Setembro”, it is a joyful celebration. Toasting with the nation’s official cocktail, the caipirinha, Brazilian Independence Day is celebrated all over the world on September 7 with festivals, parades and concerts. Last year alone, Brazilian Independence Day was celebrated with parties and pageantry in a global way - the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan and even the Republic of Angola to name a few. One of the most impassioned declarations of independence in world history deserves a toast.

This year revelers can join the celebration with a pitcher of the Ultimate Caipirinha using Authentically Brazilian Cabana Cachaça. While the traditional caipirinha is simply made with cachaça, lime and sugar, variations on the recipe are as diverse as Brazilians themselves. And here's a little known fact, for true Brazilians, the word caipirinha translates to “little peasant girl”.

This year, join Cabana Cachaça and the people of Brazil to toast Sete de Setembro with the official cocktail of the country that brought you Pelé and Gisele Bundchen.

The Ultimate Caipirinha
Classic Pitcher Recipe:
8oz Cabana Cachaça
8 teaspoons superfine sugar OR 4 ounces of simple syrup
5 Limes quartered

Muddle the quartered limes in the bottom of a pitcher. Add all other ingredients and plenty of ice. Stir about 30 times. For an extra burst of color and flavor, muddle in some fresh berries with the limes. Enjoy!

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