Monday, June 20, 2011

May 19th: Islay bound!! Pt.1

I finally pulled myself out from bed in time to spatter my items into 1 suit case to take over to Islay. I had to leave my other belongings with Cara, because I couldn't bare to take anymore along with me and the lock up pricing in Glasgow was a bit too pricey for my UK budget.

As we dashed into the street, I bet It was the most manic feverishness behavior displayed on the Great Westeren road, as we attempted to catch a taxi to the Buchanan bus station! I had about 5 minutes left to get a ride or I would of reached the point of waiting for the next bus.

I did not want to do that, because that would of set a tone in my heart and a psychosis of dilatory. I was in a despondent state of mind after each minute that expired away!

I was telling myself that I couldn't believe I have come all this way to push it to the last minute! If I miss this bus, I would then missed the ferry, which was the last one for the night.
Disappointment was taking over my emotions until the last second I had left to my expiration point.

A taxi driver that was OFF DUTY picked me up and rapidly rushed me to the station after I told him the situation.
I will never forget him and I will always appreciate his support! Thank you Mr. Taxi man, that would of probably not had happened to me in NYC!

At the bus station, I felt a sense of cheerfulness. I gave my belongings to the driver and explained my ordeal on how I just made it there at the skin of my teeth! The driver was full of cheer with my contentment and the importance I emphasized on how I desperately needed to get to Islay.

I would not forget how rosy his cheeks became and how he softly giggled like a young school boy.
The bus ride was nice and smooth. I took a nap for the majority of the trip. I almost missed my stop, but thankfully I woke up 10 minutes before my Kennacraig destination!

The boat ride was just as comforting, as I relaxed with a large plate of mac+cheese and an Islay Ale steak pie with potatoes and veggies.

I got thirsty after all that rich cuisine, therefore I imbibed on an Islay Ale and my first dram of Kilchoman whisky. This whisky was a pleasant experience. It was lightly golden, lightly peated, and exploded with citrus. My hopes wasn't let down!

Next, I began to speak to some of the passengers and the bartender halfway through the trip. Everyone was excited to come for the Feis Ile this year, especially the individuals who came for the first time.

The last hour I took some photos/videos of the lovely hills and ocean as we approached Port Askaig.

As we grew near to the port, I raced down to pick up my suit case and waited excitedly at the exit ramp area! I wanted to be the first one off the boat and to meet the distillery manager who came to pick me up!

There was those countless days/nights of thoughts that was rushing through my heart and mind as the ferry arrived closer and closer to the port.

I felt the tears rushing towards my eye lens. The watering began and I shrugged my shoulders a bit and poked my lips out and told myself to "MAN UP"! It was my time and no more of this mushy gushy stuff for now!

I dried my eyes and then the ferry finally arrived to the ramp.

To be continued..........


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