Tuesday, June 21, 2011

May 19th: Islay Bound pt.2

There was that blue virtuous Bruichladdich van! I saw the distillery manager waving his hand with a gentle smile. I had introduced myself to Allen (mng), and then he took me took to the Bruichladdich Academy house.
This is the accommodations for my stay, while I am in Islay researching whisky all over Islay and the surrounding islands.
Allen gave me a tour of the lovely home and showed me to my room. When he left I was in such a state of felicity! I felt that my dreams has come true with all that Jim McEwan and the Bruichladdich team has blessed me with for my research work!

The house was beautiful, peaceful, and right next door to the distillery grounds! It has a live fire place, large kitchen, sun room, 2 living rooms, large dining room, back yard with a picnic table, and surrounded by lush vegetation and hills!

It was so peaceful, all you could hear was the water from the nearby stream.

Next, I got settled in my room and then noticed two guys in a camper standing outside in the parking area. I had noticed them earlier when I arrived to the house, because they pulled up at the same time and spoke to Allen briefly about some business.

The gents seemed like they was on a normal curve, therefore I waved over at them gesturing to come over to the house.

Then it all started..... I met the most AWESOME Belgium gentlemen, Mr. Olav Verhoeven and Mr. Dersou De Moor. The gentlemen was in Islay to promote Olav's DVD/Blue Ray series, WHISKY: ISLAY EDITION: http://www.whiskyseries.com/. I will go into detail about this movie on a solo blog post, along with my 2011 NYC Whisky LIVE coverage.

In the meanwhile, you can check out the trailers on the website. It's probably the best depiction of Islay available. The romance between whisky and the creator of this documentary shines through like a love sick woman waiting for her man to come back to her after a long departure from home.
Any who, we basically had a great evening together drinking drams and telling stories about each other and what we hope/expect this week at the Feis Ile.

At a certain point, it was time to retire. I went to my room to slumber, but a re-occurring dream set in and this time I saw just flashes of that young girl. It was no sound. I felt no distinctive emotions, but just flashes of innocence, happiness, and I felt a warm sensation all over my skin. Suddenly, I was fast asleep recharging my body for my first official full day on Islay.

Pleasant Dreams,
Carmen Operetta

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